Cannon Financial Institute

2017 Honor Graduates


For over 50 years, Cannon Financial Institute has been a leading force in providing technical skills and training to individuals in preparation for certifications in the financial industry. Cannon has been and continues to be committed to designing and delivering professional development. With this said, Cannon is proud to recognize our Honor Graduates for 2017. To become Honor Graduates, these students scored 90% or higher on all course level exams and successfully completed their certification exams. This honor is evidence of their ongoing commitment to personal and professional excellence, as well as their desire to remain on the leading edge of the Financial Services Industry. Congratulations!

Cannon Trust
Certified Trust and Financial Advisor

Julie Allen
Thomas Bell, III
Joshua Blakely
Brandy Bright
Melissa Canaan
Branda Davis
Thomas Doud
Michael Emmet
Amy Ertel, Esq.
Kelly Groscost
Shannon Holmberg
Michael Hopper
Terrence Huntington
Sandra Mass
David McAlpine
Joanne Mina
Sandra Morrow
Bryan Ponti
Leah Sankey
Keith Schawo
Matthew Schlechter
Amanda Smith
Jeff Supple
Greg Vaughn
Megan Warman
Beth Wurth


Trust Audit, Compliance and Risk Management
Certified Fiduciary and Investment Risk Specialist

Jason Clarke
Wendy Collinsn
Kevin Floyd
Paul Kang
Rich Kelly
Vicki Linekin
John Musick, Jr.
Brad Pesicka
Seth Peterson
Jenny Phillips
Connie Tran

Retirement Plan Services
Certified Retirement Services Professional

Sarah Gordon
Kristi Jacobson
Amy Morton
Tara O'Connor



Securities Operations
Certified Securities Operations Professional

Lori Atwell
John Desrochers, Jr.
Gisselle Melendez


Corporate Trust
Certified Corporate Trust Specialist

Simona Chubb
Kelvin McIver

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