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Cannon Financial Institute is an established adviser within the financial services industry. We are recognized for our expert counsel, steadfast training, and positive impact. Cannon is an experience which fosters collaboration and growth. Learn more about us. >

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Cannon solves problems and develops problem solvers. We start from a position of discussion and discovery to best understand our clients and their desired outcome.

We then apply a personalized level of service which may employ one or more of our solutions. Choose the path which best identifies your interests to learn more about our work. Learn more about our work. >

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Whether you’re an individual looking to make a difference or an organization in need of innovative problem solving, our unique instructional and consulting experiences meet you where you are, with the answers and know-how you need. Choose below to begin exploring our offerings. 

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Thought Leadership

Fleeing from Lions and Prospecting: What They Have in Common

Fleeing from Lions and Prospecting: What They Have in Common

A thrilling conversation with Executive Vice President and Practice Management Expert Linda Eaton.

Freeze! You’ve probably done this many times as an adult.  What’s more, you did it instantaneously, without conscious thought. Reason? You sensed danger. Why freeze? Because large feline predators such as lions are attracted to— and react to —movement writes body language expert Joe Navarro in “What Every Body Is Saying.”

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